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A Friend Request That Changed My World - By Devendra Lingwal

Different people have portrayed the essence of love in a variety of related but distinct forms in different contexts. For some love is worship, for some it’s an unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another, while for some it’s a feeling of intimacy, commitment and passion.
‘Chatak’, the harbinger of the monsoons, for an entire season waits for the rains to quench its thirst, yet after the monsoons, begins another endless wait, a wait of the lovely rains to quench its thirst again.
The unrequited love for the Moon is unable to stop the ‘Chakor’ to wait endlessly for the full Moonlit night, under the calmness of which it beholds the beauty of its love again and again.
In whatsoever form the essence of love is conceptualized, it is much clear that from one or the other point, with its silent steps love dribbles its way deep into everyone’s heart, drenching it with its ineffable aroma of ecstatic feelings and satiating the desire of completeness. However, leaving behind bit of emptiness and incompleteness, for being desired more and more of it over and over again. -- © Devendra Lingwal --in-- A Friend Request That Changed My World.

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