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Toot kar khamosh wahi hota hai jo beh kar dariya nahi hota ~ Devendra Lingwal

Kaun kehta hai ki her gham ko bhulane ka zariya nahi hota,
Toot kar khamosh wahi hota hai jo beh kar dariya nahi hota.
Zindagi koyi jheel nahi jise ghamo k kinare baandh kar baithe rahein umr bhar,
Zindagi wo sagar bhi nahi jismein ghamon k daur k kinare na hon
jo apni hi mauj mein janib-e-manzil behta rehta hai, behta rehta hai
Zindagi to khushiyon aur ghamon ki nadiyon se bana ek dariya hai,
Kaun kehta hai ki zindagi ka dariya paar nahi hota,
Toot kar khamosh wahi hota hai jo beh kar dariya nahi hota. -- © Devendra Lingwal

Kal ki Raat

Kal ki raat fir ek baar zindagi ki maut se mulaqat huyi,
Sehme-sehme kadmo se haule-haule aage badhti maut
apne ghoonghat k pat khol rahi thi.
Apne rukhsar se mayoosiyat ki laton ko hata,
wo bala ki khoobsoorati apne andar samet rahi thi.

Mujh se bhi haseen koyi aur mila hai kabhi?

Maut, kal tak tujh se bhi haseen thi meri zindagi.
Aur zindagi se haseen tha wo shakhs jo,
Kal ki raat mujhe tere aagosh mein chhod gaya.
Kal ki raat use paa kar koyi bahut khush tha,
Kal ki raat kisi par bahut bhari thi,
Kal ki raat fir ek baar zindagi maut se haari thi.
Kal ki hi raat mujhe saza-e-maut huyi thi.
© Devendra Lingwal

A Friend Request That Changed My World - By Devendra Lingwal

Different people have portrayed the essence of love in a variety of related but distinct forms in different contexts. For some love is worship, for some it’s an unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another, while for some it’s a feeling of intimacy, commitment and passion.
‘Chatak’, the harbinger of the monsoons, for an entire season waits for the rains to quench its thirst, yet after the monsoons, begins another endless wait, a wait of the lovely rains to quench its thirst again.
The unrequited love for the Moon is unable to stop the ‘Chakor’ to wait endlessly for the full Moonlit night, under the calmness of which it beholds the beauty of its love again and again.
In whatsoever form the essence of love is conceptualized, it is much clear that from one or the other point, with its silent steps love dribbles its way deep into everyone’s heart, drenching it with its ineffable aroma of ecstatic feelings and satiating the desire of completeness. However, leaving behind bit of emptiness and incompleteness, for being desired more and more of it over and over again. -- © Devendra Lingwal --in-- A Friend Request That Changed My World.

Everyone dreams of reading the world through word, only some are lucky enough to be driven by their desire - Devendra Lingwal

The Ordinary 'Me'

I'm culpable of extraordinary naiveté, I suppose.
But it's a naiveté that I really don't want to abandon,
not even now or ever. 
But if at all I am to be acknowledged and cherished for anything,
I would like it to be for encouraging the agonists,
for knowing a little bit about their extraordinary courage;
and for wanting that extraordinary courage to be recognized.
My achievements made me be treated as extraordinary,
and now when being treated as an extraordinary,
I lost my right to think and behave as ordinary.
Nobody sees the obvious; nobody observes the ordinary within me.
Miracles are being expected from me but ;
I even lost the right of expectations.

A War With 'Me'

I was ever a warrior, so, one war more.  The best one and the last too.  The bugle of war which the humanity inside me was procrastinating since long has finally started blowing on my door. I would hate that death which gives up my victory before this war is fought. Won't die silently, will fight to the end. I know victory has a hundred fathers, but no-one wants to recognize defeat as his own and nor do I. My inferno mind has been dishonest with me, it too has to fight a war against my sentiments and my intellect.   The avalanche of fear, fear of my defeat which once tried to engulf me has started acknowledging its defeat.  Everywhere I see bliss, from which I alone am irrevocably excluded. I can't revoke this war anymore. Let this war begin. Let the evil inside me be defeated and peace prevail in my life, so that I may sleep and never wake up again to fight another war with myself.

Family Values-are they still significant

A culture is a mirror of society in which we get the glimpse of the language, way of life, social activities, and history; namely the culture is the thumbnail reflection of the society.  Among various cultures of the world, Indian culture is marked by the highest degree of syncretism and cultural pluralism based on the family values. 

Family values are pragmatic social beliefs that hold the joint and nuclear families to be the essential ethical and moral units of society. Family ethics are those that promote the family and its values as an institution. Although the phrase has become vague because of its shifting meanings, nowadays it is most often associated with social and religious conservatives.

Amidst all our social institutions, the family is perhaps the only one with which we all are familiar. As we follow our life’s path, our experiences within the family develops to some strong bonds. Within the family context even lies some paradoxes, however most of us hope for love and support within the family.  Absence of family values in a family equates to a haven in a heartless world, i.e. the family can also be a place of violence and abuse. 

In fact, a family is what you make it. It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dining table, but by the love, care and respect you show for the other family members, by the memories you share with each other, by the commitment of time to each other and by the hopes for the future you have as individuals and as a unit.  Each family member has to understand that ‘Love’ is a continuum with no discernible starting point.

We Indians have managed to preserve our established traditions, while absorbing the new ones from invaders and immigrants, and spreading our cultural influence to other parts of the world.  The American singer “Katy Perry”, who on October 23, 2010 tied the knot with comedian “Russell Brand” in India as per the Hindu tradition and the salutation ‘Namaste’ of the US President “Barack Obama”  to all the Indians during his recent three days official visit to India in November 2010 exemplifies the impact of Indian culture around the world.

Although nuclear and matriarchal families too are becoming common in urban areas, traditional Indian family values are still highly respected, and multi-generational patriarchal joint families have been the norm since ages.  Myriads of Indians have their marriages arranged by their parents and other respected family members, though with the consent of the bride and the groom.

Every family has a story that narrates itself, that it passes on to the children and grandchildren. The story grows over the years, mutates, some parts are strictly focused on, others gets dropped, and there is often debate about what really transpired and whether it was good or bad for the family. But even with these different sides of the same story, there is still a belief that this is the story of our family. And in the absence of other narratives, it becomes the insignia that the family hangs its identity around. 

On one side the elders are strictly pondering over the issue of diminishing family values among their clans, blaming the modernisation and urbanization as the root cause; whereas the progenies of those elders too are bewildered over the same issue.  Finding suffocated amidst the orthodox family values, they want to establish a different independent world for themselves; but are also willing to not to hurt their elders, hence agree to keep alive the family values within the restraints of social and religious assimilation.

Thus in modern times the family gets drifted on to the high sea of bewilderment.  In this voyage the question that runs through every mind is, ‘had the winds always blown so strongly as now? Had the currents always been so powerful making the family and independent values so fragile to navigate a separate course?

As long as the spell of love, care, respect, responsibilities and proportional flexibility lasts, the families will tend to have a strong spiritual base that facilitates everyone to work together in times of stress.

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