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A War With 'Me'

I was ever a warrior, so, one war more.  The best one and the last too.  The bugle of war which the humanity inside me was procrastinating since long has finally started blowing on my door. I would hate that death which gives up my victory before this war is fought. Won't die silently, will fight to the end. I know victory has a hundred fathers, but no-one wants to recognize defeat as his own and nor do I. My inferno mind has been dishonest with me, it too has to fight a war against my sentiments and my intellect.   The avalanche of fear, fear of my defeat which once tried to engulf me has started acknowledging its defeat.  Everywhere I see bliss, from which I alone am irrevocably excluded. I can't revoke this war anymore. Let this war begin. Let the evil inside me be defeated and peace prevail in my life, so that I may sleep and never wake up again to fight another war with myself.


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As a Citizen Journalist have won awards for 4 of my articles, ‘Time to have a re-look at blacklisted sikhs’, ‘Killing for honour kills human honour’, ‘Gandhi, youth and globalisation’ and ‘Growing pains of the youth’ as the 'best articles'.


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