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The Ordinary 'Me'

I'm culpable of extraordinary naiveté, I suppose.
But it's a naiveté that I really don't want to abandon,
not even now or ever. 
But if at all I am to be acknowledged and cherished for anything,
I would like it to be for encouraging the agonists,
for knowing a little bit about their extraordinary courage;
and for wanting that extraordinary courage to be recognized.
My achievements made me be treated as extraordinary,
and now when being treated as an extraordinary,
I lost my right to think and behave as ordinary.
Nobody sees the obvious; nobody observes the ordinary within me.
Miracles are being expected from me but ;
I even lost the right of expectations.


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As a Citizen Journalist have won awards for 4 of my articles, ‘Time to have a re-look at blacklisted sikhs’, ‘Killing for honour kills human honour’, ‘Gandhi, youth and globalisation’ and ‘Growing pains of the youth’ as the 'best articles'.


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