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Killing the honour or killing for the honour.

In the male dominated world the theory of gender egalitarianism has somewhere lost its moral value. Where on one side the feminine section are toiling to establish their expertise to its full potentials in their workplace, the other side they are being oppressed to the extent where they have to cross several hurdles to articulate their identity even in their own family. Being a wife, mother, sister and a daughter usually she has to face thwarts by her own family members so that she fails to grab the opportunities which her male counterparts can’t.
Amongst other crimes against women there is another abominable crime termed as “honour killing” which has brought the entire feminine section of the world in turbulence. These killings are the form of vengeance carried out-usually by family members on women who are alleged to have committed acts deemed as inimical to the family name. Such abysmal incidents are rife not only in India but across the world. The problem is that mostly men are the prosecutors and are generally being supported by the other female family members. The victims include those suspected of adultery, the ones who marry without the family's consent, or those who dares to demand a divorce (which in the opinion of the husband is an act of infidelity). Perpetrates of the honour killings are often camouflaged or are not investigated. They are rampant in backward rural areas beset by poverty and illiteracy.
The pathetic fact is that even if a wife impeaches her husband of adultery, she is brutally murdered on the pretext of saving the ‘honour’ of the husband. When on adultery a wife is treated as a social stigma then why at all a husband is exonerated of adultery even if he is a womanizer?
Keeping in view the theory of gender egalitarianism the only one solution to this problem is to dissolve the orthodox meaning of the prevailing word “honour” and redefine it.
Parents should ensure that the emancipatory changes being brought by them in the life of their progenies are under their control. Too much of freedom or humiliation can outbreak the revolts; creating differences in the generations. The Scarelette Keeling’s murder in Goa is an impeccable reflection of how the excessive freedom proves to be a pivot of sully for the progenies. In the same way the children should respect the feelings of their parents and should understand that their parental ideology is not vague but is just for fortifying their own future. This way the arising mooted situations can be melted to a mutually agreeable solution, safeguarding the honour of the family.

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