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The Other Sikhs in the "Black List"

Though the black list of Indian Sikh expatriates who went down the separatist path and chose antinational activities has been pruned since it’s declaration but still it has been a bone of contention for the Central government.
Citing security concerns the Indian government blacklisted Sikhs involved in anti-India propaganda and vandalism following the abominable Operation Bluestar of 1984. The riot was in wake of the Indian army’s storming the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs in Amritsar, Punjab, to flush out the armed religious extremists, who had fortified the place of worship. The operation infuriated Sikhs across the world, coercively driving the idealistic, emotional youths to join militancy.
With the situation been normalized in Punjab after the end of terrorism the reiterating demands for scrapping the “black list” has gained pace. Though this “black list” can’t be scrapped immediately without proper scrutiny but the Home Ministry and the other intelligence agencies should work microscopically on scrutinizing the antecedents of the then offenders and see whether they are still posing diabolical intentions for the nation proving themselves as still inimical to the country or have changed their mindsets since then.
The act of pity shown by the Indian government towards the Indian Spy Sarabijit’s death sentence in Pakistan appealing the Pakistani government for showing mercy towards him by commuting his death sentence into life sentence symbolizes that for the world India is still the token of love. We should ponder on the principle that ‘the society prepares the crime and the criminal commits it‘. So it’s not the criminal alone who has to be punished but the circumstances created by the society which drove to the delinquency should be uprooted.
The refusal by the government to scrap the “black list” will sensitize the agony of those who have realized that they had chosen the wrong path and are now anxious to visit their homeland but had been denied of a visa. Such hapless expatriates who are proving to be the fulcrum for the nation’s economic prosperity can‘t pose any kind of security threats to the nation. Therefore the government should reconsider the appeal of such expatriates to end up their long lasting exile of more than two decades allowing them to re-assimilate in the Punjab of today.

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