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Food Crisis in India, Reality or fake?

Since years we humans are pondering over the issue of inducing “Green Revolution” to curb the widely spread famine across our country due to the scarcity of food production either because of the hits by droughts and floods or destruction of the entire crop due to pestilences. Some times the entire produce is annihilated by the rodents. But these days the rodents are not pestering the farmers that much as are the pseudo government employees and the parasite black marketeers who are just not allowing the produce of the farmers to reach the needy ones. The recently conducted raids in the godowns of Delhi by the Food & Civil Supplies Department of Delhi government has brought an eye opening stark fact in front of us. Heaps of the produce are getting decayed in the godowns across our country but news is being splashed that India is passing through intense famines. As per the norms, a licensed trader can store up to 1,000 quintals of wheat and 2,000 quintals of pulses at any given point of time. Non-compliance with stock norms creates artificial shortage of food grains, leading to steep hike in prices. Bad harvest timing, inefficient machinery, lack of storage facilities, contamination, inordinate exposure to heat, cold, and lack of moisture are the major reasons experts cite for the losses which can be prevented to some extent but what can’t be curbed completely is the role of these black marketeers until our government shakes it’s leg. Earlier it was the farmer who reaped the benefits of the green revolution. It was an open, transparent, collaborative effort. The farmers were able to sell their produce at special markets set up by the government but now retail giants such as Wal Mart and Reliance are able to sell food for much lower prices and hence have become a great threat to the farmer's livelihoods. The government should take extreme measures to put curbs on the morass of black marketing in the food products and should ensure that the monster firms like Reliance and Wal Mart are not able to engulf the benefits of the na├»ve farmers. On the other hand the general public should also take measures to control the population bomb from being exploded which will further fuel the famine in our country. The farmers should relinquish their greed of reaping the maximum benefits as they can, for which they are producing surplus resulting into gluts, they should understand it very well that a bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.

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