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Tax holiday, how much vital?

Tax holidays are granted to the feeble states by the Centre in the form of concessions to support the emerging industries and to stimulate the growth and strength of the State as well as the industries. These benefits are not in myriads that because of it the established industries can rise as monsters but it can clearly be conceived that these Tax Holidays in states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand have made a trajectory for these States to outshine in strength in the global market.
Punjab’s decision in seeking of compensation of Rs.10,000 Crore from the Centre on account of industrial loss owing to the tax holiday granted to the neighbouring hill states on the pretext of disparity of keeping it’s industries bereft of tax holidays, is not an appreciative approach. When there is intent to make India a refining hub in the global market, why are we robbing it of tax incentives that are vital for the survival of the units. Punjab should withdraw it’s decision of triggering a controversy with it’s neighbouring hill states by filing for compensation, allowing the hill states to retain the sunrise status of it‘s dignity. Instead of pestering the hill states industries for the privileges they have been provided with, Punjab should intensify on its agrarian and other such imperative issues.

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