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Recipe for a traffic jam

This is not for the very first time that a Prime Minister has prodded the Special Protection Group tasked with his security to minimize the inconvenience to people by his movements and not to perform coercions, such lateral thoughts have been adopted by many former Prime Ministers.
According to the guidelines, the number of policemen deployed along the route traversed by the Prime Minister will be drastically reduced and traffic will be held up only for three minutes. Vehicular movement will be allowed as soon as the last car in the Prime Minister's convoy has passed. Wherever there is a verge or a railing, traffic moving in the opposite direction will not be stopped. Shops along the route will no longer be closed down as a matter of routine. Pedestrians will be permitted to move around except those wanting to cross the road at the time the cavalcade passes by.
Such steps are afoot to scale down the security provided to other VIPs also with a view to reduce Government expenditure and letting police personnel perform their normal duties on the law and order front but only on paper works.
The degree of protection accorded to those who require it should not be compromised with anything. Security should be given in consonance with the threat perceptions to the VIP concerned. A breach in the security of the Prime Minister can definitely jeopardize the safety of the entire nation. But things happens on contrary, religious Gurus are keenly procuring VVIP level securities. When religious ceremonies are held, the entire traffic guidelines are entrusted on the religious followers rather on the traffic cops triggering a lot of inconvenience to the general public. The cavalcade of the Prime Minister causes less inconvenience to the public but that too for an interim period but the religious ceremonies and political gatherings causes a great inconvenience to the public till they are over with (most of the time when it’s peak hours of traffic) and the public can’t wriggle out of such recipes of traffic jams.
Hitherto media has been splashing news related to deaths of civilians caused by stampedes on religious ceremonies or political gatherings, but have never come across with the news of any such incidence with the religious Gurus or the political leaders. Why this disparity in the security of the common man? The only option left with the common man is to be a leapfrog and let these religious and political leaders vault over them.

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