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Committed to Pay (The Sixth Pay Commission Report)

Since decades there has been altercations between the Private and the Government sector employees on the issues related to the pay comparisons. The recent agitations shown by the Government employees over the inequality of Pay and Allowances as compared with the Private Sectors after the announcement of the Sixth Pay Commission Report reminiscent the era when the same agitations was seen from the Private Sector employees whose salaries were quite meagre as compared with those of the Govt. employees.There are two major tangible factors which outbreaks such agitations, one is that most of the Government Departments are lacking work and productivity so the employees remain idle most of the time and hence can’t demand drastic hikes in their salary for the no work done by them. The second one being the lack of regular inter-departmental competitiveness where an employee gets a chance to prove his/her skill based performance and hence deserves the right to excel by getting the promotion. Lack of inter departmental competitiveness in the Government Sector for those who are willing to excel makes an employee’s skills obsolete and the then skilled employees are therefore not able to strive in the current Private Sector competitions. Hence such employees after putting up 15-20 years service don’t have any other option left with them except to continue with their present job and show their rage over their failure to get more.The productivity-linked incentive/promotion, if introduced, will further aggravate the matters and the sycophants will flourish. Seniors will grade the performance of the junior ones, but who will grade the seniors who according to the junior employees extract most of the work from their juniors which is in fact assigned to the seniors? In such situations grading of the seniors performance by lower level should also be introduced to mark proper justification.The assent towards the flexible working hours for the working women in Government Sector will fuel the agitations. On one side in the men dominated world the Government is pressing hard for giving the gender based equality in every respect to the women section then why such favouritism (still treating women as weaker), aren’t the working men in possession of getting such favours?The resultant factor of all these will be a breach in laws and an intensification of rampant corruption making the high salaried class heave a sigh of relief leaving behind the low salaried class puff for the money.

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