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Road Tolls.......For whom???????

We are currently witnessing rapid developments in the road networks which has always been a vital part of our life. From daily commuters to heavy transporters, everyone intends to have plushy roads which can save ones precious time and money instead of the bumpy and shabby ones which some times proves to be pernicious even to the vehicle and human life. The government is on the plank of massive road development programmes through private sector, which will recoup its investment through tolls. According to the notifications issued by the government, toll rates are fixed on the basis of the percentage of savings that a vehicle will make after the roads are widened or improved. But if studied deeply the overall savings are null because of the consumed time and burning of the fuel at the long queues during the payment of the tolls at the toll gates. What if someone doesn’t wants to pay the stiff tolls and instead ply using the normal roads which is his fundamental right to move freely after the payment of road tax on registration of his vehicle, is there any alternative route provided for such people or is it mandatory to use the toll roads making it a real business? The government definitely has to either review it’s policies in respect of road sector taxation or has to explicate the reason for lagging behind in infrastructure despite collecting appropriate taxes from the public, why every time the common man is raised as the whipping boy for the faults of the government? Perhaps it’s the public who is paying the tolls and not the Transport Minister.

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