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The Rs.60,000-crore largesse to the peasants announced by the Centre is just a gimmickry act for securing their vote banks. Such act has no doubt brought a smile on the faces of the debt ridden peasants but would not be able to keep that smile perpetual. India, with adequate rainfall, favorable climate, enormous biological diversities, and excellent agricultural practices, has no reason to face agrarian crisis and, given nature’s bounty, its farmers have no reason to commit suicide. The Government can’t escape from it’s onus just by waiving off the loans once. What if the peasants are unable to reap the benefits from the loans given again or in the situation of gluts? The root cause of the failures should be excavated. Where the production is scanty the Government should provide proper water supply for irrigation, hybrid seeds and proper guidelines for the protection of the crops from destructive viruses etc. to achieve high yielding potentials. And where the production is enormous the peasants should be provided with proper help lines from trained technical teams and facilities of storage for releasing their heaped produce in the market to get the best revenue hence avoiding the situation of gluts. Such steps of the Government would definitely make the farmer more independent rather than being dependable on banks hence alleviating the despair of the farmers.

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