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Indirect Democracy

There isn’t need of Panches/Sarpanches who just only beguiles the public by bragging about being jingoist and the measures being taken by them for the welfare of the public, we indeed need well educated ones who can really do something for the progress of the villages with their wider vision of philanthropy. The Panches/Sarpanches are expected to proxy for those who are being represented. They should have the capability to filter the demands of the public through their ideological prism and are obliged to ensure that something positive is done about the pressing problems of their villages with vested interest. The Government’s foisting decision of naming the Sarpanch as per the ruling party’s choice is just jeopardizing the citizen’s fundamental right. What’s the difference between the era where we Indians were being ruled by the British and the current situation where we are being governed by politicians who are not of our choice, it’s just like the situation ‘between the devil and the deep Blue Sea’. The Government should focus on the tangible issues related to the development of the villages and it’s residents and should not hurt the sentiments of it’s citizens by reducing their right to choose their representatives.

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