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The rapid changes in the socio-economic trends in leading a congenial and comfortable life has created an inclination of fantasy world amongst the naive rural generation. The rural generation gets tantalized by the luxurious life of the Urban residents. This generation while trying to establish itself in the ravishing and plushy urban world concedes itself alienated and hence thinks to meliorate their deteriorating image. The erection of a spectacular abode with a parked car instead of tractors to plough in the midst of green fields is now the vital hallmark of the rural farmer's life, which is purely the impact of such hindrances. The thing to be lamented on is that to maintain this interim ostentatious image the farmers are ready to loose even their legacies, jeopardizing the future needs of the families too, but still their thirst doesn‘t gets quenched. People should understand that though real estate is a booming sector but it requires proper safe handling of the money for their future needs. Instead of imitating the urban world the farmer should concentrate on his farming and try to generate his revenues from it or he might be landing on the brink of collapse of his ostentatious empire.

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