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Need for Speed

Need for speed is the current theme of every country and it’s Government. The slow developments in the third world countries have always relegated them amongst the developed ones. Constant reforms of momentum are required in every phase of development to cope up with the present requisition of the public. It would not be correct to impeach the endeavours of the Government every time in failures of some of its projects which could not clear the benchmarks of public satisfaction. But, the success of Metro rail in Delhi can’t be denied with and can be easily read in the public which is happily ready to pay for it. Imposing of nominal but affordable betterment charges and toll taxes would not be wrong on the projects which have been implemented to meet the current worthy demands of the public for its empowerment. Public places are meant for public and the government should not disturb them at any cost. Rather than extending fad projects to the public, the Government has to be the pioneer and come up with the panacea of homogeneous development projects with quality assurance in every field to accelerate the overall perennial progress of the nation.

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