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Injustice with the Name for Fame

The renaming of a place is predominantly done to commemorate noteworthy persons or incidents associated with the place and to perpetuate the memories of that person or incident. But renaming a place doesn’t mean that its development process gets elevated too. This sounds alike the palimpsests, the root problems of the predecessor remains the same, neither does the impediments vanish dramatically. A moot question arise that if in a place myriads of people have been the exemplifiers then what to do? How many times will the place be renamed? In the vast Diasporas what do the honourable Ministers want to prove by renaming the places, do they want to prove themselves as exemplifiers of being iconoclasts or just to mesmerize the public? The renaming of the places is just a trivial issue, instead of basking over such trivial issues; the honourable Ministers should focus on the ways to surmount the impediments of the cities/towns development process. They should look into the tangible issues of the general public. There are myriads of tangible issues which impedes the development of the city/town and finally a nation. Removal of slum areas to foster urbanization, refurbishment of the dilapidated roads etc. are few of such issues which need immediate attention. For doing so if needed a call for a strategic multifaceted plan addressing a holistic approach to improve the quality of life may be made. The Ministers should be eager to elevate a city entrenched in seemingly impossible challenges, and if needed the Ministers should even breach the typical governmental patterns to reach beyond usual solutions and have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving people‘s quality of life.


Anonymous said...

hii, well ur aricles r jst amazing,..i mean mind blowing..nw i jst luv to read ur articles...i dnt read dem jst fr a tym pass infct by reading them ma knowleadge as well as ma english both improves....,thanks 2 u... :-)

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