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Potential threat to fossil fuels heads for price hikes

It is a universally approved fact that petrol is the backbone of a nation. The witnessing of relentless hikes in prices of petroleum products has been a global issue since years. Demands to lower or to freeze the prices are always on high and mighty. The oil market is vulnerable to crises; as a result speculators are driving up the price. People usually accuse the government for being least interested on pondering over the matter, but what thing is not being realized by everyone is that it’s not the government who can bring drastic fall in the prices but it’s the people themselves who can do so. It is believed that high supply with low demands results to lowering of prices and vice versa. When the consumption of the petroleum products will decrease proportionally the price of the petroleum products will decrease too. I believe that people will surely be demurring on my statement.
I too believe that’s it’s not the adequate and significant solution for a long run as sooner or later the demands are going to touch the sky and the fossil fuels are going to vanish. The scarcity of the fossil fuels will further worsen the financial burden on the people. The need of the hour is to head for the exploitation of the alternative sources of energies. The alternative energy solutions include all prime movers that can use a renewable natural resource to produce energy. This may be wind, thermal energy from the earth, and wave action in the shores and solar energy from the sun.
Use of bio-fuels such as bio-ethanol is believed to be one of the prime and best solutions for converting the scarcity of fuel on earth to its adequacy. Bio-fuels such as bio-ethanol can be produced from virtually any organic material which means that it is a secure form of energy and in the long run will be relatively cheap, further it reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, of carcinogens such as benzene and of other harmful emissions such as particulates. It is also biodegradable in water and soil. In a concise statement in addition to the solutions to the other issues it’ll also reduce the air and water pollution and hence will reduce the global warming.


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