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Growing Pains of the Youth

Growing up has never been easy especially now in the new millennium amidst unprecedented prosperity, it has become more striving than ever. The cravings to know each and every fact of the existing world around him drives the inquisitive child to a stage of instability. During this stage the child cries for attention, help and love from the parents. This stage if ignored can prove to be lethal for the child.
Parents usually prefer to discuss only the career oriented issues with the child and rest of his cravings are considered as taboo. The child is always raised with pressures to excel in life. When children are young, parents marvel at their every little accomplishment but later the primal ambition left with the pushy parents is just to see their child topping the class. The grim epithet to the tormented lives of the children is the word ‘failure’. Sometimes the children express an inability to cope with the pressure to excel, frittering the dreams of their parents.
Examination fear, sibling rivalry, issues at school, warring parents, fear of punishment, distressed parents, divorce of parents are some of the prominent reasons roosting among the children which are making them vulnerable towards depression or a new world (without parents).
Recent studies show that children who have been given too much too soon grow up to be adults who have difficulty coping with life’s disappointments. They have a distorted sense of entitlement that hampers the way of success both in the workplace and in relationships. The escalating aspirations where the youth believes in achieving anything and the need of instant gratification makes the youth bully in nature. In such cases the refusals by the parents to accept the browbeating attitude of the child drives him away from them towards the world of destruction.
To safeguard the future of their child and to bridge the gap the parents have to bring a cluster of changes in their own behavior and personalities. The parents should ensure that the state of anguish being brought in the lives of their children by the inchoate emotional forces running rampant in the adolescent mind of the child should not go unheeded in any case or on the pretext of being a subject of taboo. Parents should also ensure that they are least absorbed in their own lives and career and try to spend the maximum time with their child. Being pragmatic the parents should establish a few family rules and should stick to them. If children learn to obey at home, it will be easier for them at school. Punishment for not following the rules should be non-physical. The follow ups of these little but primal elements in life by the parents and the teachers will not let the child get bogged down by anxiety, phobias, academic and socialization plights and can restore a happy life to thousands of youngsters. That can really be termed as a gratifying prospect indeed.

Potential threat to fossil fuels heads for price hikes

It is a universally approved fact that petrol is the backbone of a nation. The witnessing of relentless hikes in prices of petroleum products has been a global issue since years. Demands to lower or to freeze the prices are always on high and mighty. The oil market is vulnerable to crises; as a result speculators are driving up the price. People usually accuse the government for being least interested on pondering over the matter, but what thing is not being realized by everyone is that it’s not the government who can bring drastic fall in the prices but it’s the people themselves who can do so. It is believed that high supply with low demands results to lowering of prices and vice versa. When the consumption of the petroleum products will decrease proportionally the price of the petroleum products will decrease too. I believe that people will surely be demurring on my statement.
I too believe that’s it’s not the adequate and significant solution for a long run as sooner or later the demands are going to touch the sky and the fossil fuels are going to vanish. The scarcity of the fossil fuels will further worsen the financial burden on the people. The need of the hour is to head for the exploitation of the alternative sources of energies. The alternative energy solutions include all prime movers that can use a renewable natural resource to produce energy. This may be wind, thermal energy from the earth, and wave action in the shores and solar energy from the sun.
Use of bio-fuels such as bio-ethanol is believed to be one of the prime and best solutions for converting the scarcity of fuel on earth to its adequacy. Bio-fuels such as bio-ethanol can be produced from virtually any organic material which means that it is a secure form of energy and in the long run will be relatively cheap, further it reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, of carcinogens such as benzene and of other harmful emissions such as particulates. It is also biodegradable in water and soil. In a concise statement in addition to the solutions to the other issues it’ll also reduce the air and water pollution and hence will reduce the global warming.

The fate of the Pakistani pacer Md. Asif put in limbo

The fate of the detained Pakistani pacer Mohammad Asif's has been put in limbo as the Dubai court, before which he appeared, adjourned soon after hearing recommendations of the prosecutors.Asif was going to Lahore from Mumbai on June 1 after playing in the Indian Premium League for the Delhi Daredevils when he was caught red handed with contraband drugs at the Dubai airport on his arrival. He just appeared before the court on Sunday along with his lawyers for bail.
The court has further forwarded the case to the supreme authority Attorney General of Dubai whose decision is believed to be the final one. The Attorney-General is empowered to sign administrative deportation orders, which could prevent the case from being referred to the Dubai courts.The chief prosecutor cross-examined the witnesses who were instrumental in combing out the banned substance from the bowler. The court case will resume tomorrow," Akram said, trusting that finally the justice will churn out in Asif's favour on Monday.
The probability of Asif's bail has not zeroed but this drug scandal may compel the Pakistan Cricket Board to stringently review its anti-doping regulations to include punishment for the use of recreational drugs.
With the immense pressure on PCB and the image of Pakistan cricket taking an abysmal shape, it is being conceived that if Asif is released, then also the board will penalise him to a maximum ban of five Tests or 10 one-day internationals and even a fine under its code of conduct which is befitted for disgracing the game's repute.

News alert for smokers

The recent research study by Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy has made a splash in the life of smokers. The various research studies conducted on smokers and non-smokers has excavated a well established fact that smoking potentially poses great threats towards heart diseases to not only the active smokers but also to the passive smokers, but hitherto the means of testing smokers' nicotine levels are having somewhat ambivalent appearance in general. Researchers seem to have found a much more accurate means of obtaining a smoker's history than the prevailing ones of asking a smoker or testing nicotine breakdown products in saliva or urine. A U.S. study in Nurses' Health suggests that measuring nicotine content in toenail clippings can assist in prediction of women's risk of heart disease.
According to the laureate 'Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy', of the University of California in San Diego the current methods of measuring nicotine content only reflects usage or exposure within recent days. Toenails may offer a more long term estimate of a person's level of exposure to tobacco due to their slow growth. Toenail clippings would also weigh in exposure to passive smoking and smoking habits such as how much smoke a person inhales with each puff. It is conceived from the research work of Dr. Wael that it will prove to be a beckon beyond the compass of bias diagnostic means being currently adopted . But still the moot question is that isn't it best to quit smoking than to falsify the conjectures of the researchers?

Image of Harvard University under cloud

The worldly famous Harvard University is recently in the limelight of an academic and political scandal after three prominent members of its psychiatry department have been impeached of breaking conflict-of-interest rules by camouflaging the millions of dollars procured by them as consulting fees from drugs manufacturers.
The cumulating of the extravagant wealth with these prominent members of Harvard University has proved that the stratospheric salary of these industrious and prominent doctors has failed to satiate them to earn more. An investigation by Senator Charles E Grassley excavated firm evidences against Dr. Joseph Biederman, who is well known around the world for his work in researching antipsychotic medicines for children and two of his colleagues i.e. Dr Timothy E Wilens and Dr Thomas Spencer. All three of them have been impeached with the charges of failing to report to the University about much of their earnings of $1.6 million and $ 1 million respectively that they had earned in consulting payments from drug companies.
In a questionnaire Dr. Biederman safeguarding himself said that he took conflict of interest policies very seriously; he also added that "My interests are solely in the advancement of medical treatment through rigorous and objective study." Dr Wilens and Dr Spencer too said they thought they had complied with the rules.
It is also stated that the relationship between the Harvard academics and the drug companies has been highly controversial because their research has advocated the use of previously unapproved psychiatric medicines in children.
From the ongoing investigations it is anticipated that more names and the unexplained facts will come in light and the same would be revealed to the public.

Indo-Pak Trades : The Trading for Peace

The Indo-Pak relation has been elevated as a controversial issue since decades. The tranquilization of the blazing guns from either side of LoC in Kashmir for some time through the bilateral talks of the governments of the duo countries has again kindled a ray of hope amidst those traders trading in the border areas here who are optimistic that their rosy days will come back soon after the opening of the border posts again; thereby giving a tremendous boost to the economy of not only the border region, but to both the countries on the whole. The demand for inter-border free trade practice is fair to middling. Though on one end the demands for opening up of the border posts for land trade routes are of vital and substantive nature as it will definitely prove to be a pivot of peace and tranquility towards the deteriorating brotherly relations of these nations and will also meliorate the hardships of the border residents to a great extent, but on the other end it is going to jeopardize the national security caused by the infiltrators who are surreptitiously trying to invade our country and disturb it‘s internal peace.
For bringing the relations between the duo countries to an even keel both of them have to seep the theme of philanthropy to their grass root levels. It’s not always the US who is to be believed the pioneer in resolving peace issues amongst the duo but it’s the mindsets of the governments which can emancipate the free flow of the nationals for better trade and human relations.

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