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What to expect when you are electing, autocracy or the democracy?

Panchayati Raj is a system of governance in which gram panchayats are the basic units of administration or in other words this system is the grass-root unit of self-government. Panchayati Raj has been proclaimed as the vehicle of socio-economic transformation in rural India. Effective and meaningful functioning of these bodies would depend on active involvement, contribution and participation of its citizens both male and female. The aim of every village being a republic and Panchayats having powers has been translated into reality with the introduction of the three-tier Panchayati Raj system to enlist people's participation in rural reconstruction.But the entire meaning of the Panchayati Raj gets transformed when the election phase to the panchayats, block samitis and zila parishads is to take place. A Panchayat election is often termed as the pivotal moment for the fate related to the socio-economic development of the village as it captures a village on the brink of metamorphosis.The campaigns are always hot, the issues raised are vital. What is the best way to combat poverty in villages is the prime ingredient of the election manifestos. The voters are often caught in a situation of turmoil as for whom to elect their representative; none of those fighting in the elections lag to prove themselves as the best icon of philanthropy raising doubts as to whether the polls would give them a greater control over their lives or will shred the tight social fabric of communities. The election results are often on contrary as to the belief of the naïve voters. The conspirers reap the benefits and the naive voters are again the sufferers. The real heroic social warriors have been replaced by the political goons. There are incidents of booth capturing, clashes between different political parties; all these being done either to get forceful hold of the power or to get the compassion of the voters by proving the opponent as being the real goon. There are extravagant expenditures incurred on elections in the form of gimmickries to win an overwhelming response. Under these circumstances the poll results can easily be prophesized. The Election Commission of India had once implemented a rule where the tainted people will not be able to fight for an election. The government should stick with this rule and see that the vicious and goon kind of people remain out of the scene. If needed troops should be deployed to provide security to the voters from the unscrupulous elements. These political goons should not forget that although they may be able to divide some with their indoctrination process, but everyone is united in the desire for internal stability and peace. Democracy is not the family dynasty of the political goons. Each vote cast in an election is another small stride in that direction, but everyone knows that a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
It’s not autocracy which will replace democracy but once again the democracy will succeed in replacing the autocrats.

Killing the honour or killing for the honour.

In the male dominated world the theory of gender egalitarianism has somewhere lost its moral value. Where on one side the feminine section are toiling to establish their expertise to its full potentials in their workplace, the other side they are being oppressed to the extent where they have to cross several hurdles to articulate their identity even in their own family. Being a wife, mother, sister and a daughter usually she has to face thwarts by her own family members so that she fails to grab the opportunities which her male counterparts can’t.
Amongst other crimes against women there is another abominable crime termed as “honour killing” which has brought the entire feminine section of the world in turbulence. These killings are the form of vengeance carried out-usually by family members on women who are alleged to have committed acts deemed as inimical to the family name. Such abysmal incidents are rife not only in India but across the world. The problem is that mostly men are the prosecutors and are generally being supported by the other female family members. The victims include those suspected of adultery, the ones who marry without the family's consent, or those who dares to demand a divorce (which in the opinion of the husband is an act of infidelity). Perpetrates of the honour killings are often camouflaged or are not investigated. They are rampant in backward rural areas beset by poverty and illiteracy.
The pathetic fact is that even if a wife impeaches her husband of adultery, she is brutally murdered on the pretext of saving the ‘honour’ of the husband. When on adultery a wife is treated as a social stigma then why at all a husband is exonerated of adultery even if he is a womanizer?
Keeping in view the theory of gender egalitarianism the only one solution to this problem is to dissolve the orthodox meaning of the prevailing word “honour” and redefine it.
Parents should ensure that the emancipatory changes being brought by them in the life of their progenies are under their control. Too much of freedom or humiliation can outbreak the revolts; creating differences in the generations. The Scarelette Keeling’s murder in Goa is an impeccable reflection of how the excessive freedom proves to be a pivot of sully for the progenies. In the same way the children should respect the feelings of their parents and should understand that their parental ideology is not vague but is just for fortifying their own future. This way the arising mooted situations can be melted to a mutually agreeable solution, safeguarding the honour of the family.

The Other Sikhs in the "Black List"

Though the black list of Indian Sikh expatriates who went down the separatist path and chose antinational activities has been pruned since it’s declaration but still it has been a bone of contention for the Central government.
Citing security concerns the Indian government blacklisted Sikhs involved in anti-India propaganda and vandalism following the abominable Operation Bluestar of 1984. The riot was in wake of the Indian army’s storming the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs in Amritsar, Punjab, to flush out the armed religious extremists, who had fortified the place of worship. The operation infuriated Sikhs across the world, coercively driving the idealistic, emotional youths to join militancy.
With the situation been normalized in Punjab after the end of terrorism the reiterating demands for scrapping the “black list” has gained pace. Though this “black list” can’t be scrapped immediately without proper scrutiny but the Home Ministry and the other intelligence agencies should work microscopically on scrutinizing the antecedents of the then offenders and see whether they are still posing diabolical intentions for the nation proving themselves as still inimical to the country or have changed their mindsets since then.
The act of pity shown by the Indian government towards the Indian Spy Sarabijit’s death sentence in Pakistan appealing the Pakistani government for showing mercy towards him by commuting his death sentence into life sentence symbolizes that for the world India is still the token of love. We should ponder on the principle that ‘the society prepares the crime and the criminal commits it‘. So it’s not the criminal alone who has to be punished but the circumstances created by the society which drove to the delinquency should be uprooted.
The refusal by the government to scrap the “black list” will sensitize the agony of those who have realized that they had chosen the wrong path and are now anxious to visit their homeland but had been denied of a visa. Such hapless expatriates who are proving to be the fulcrum for the nation’s economic prosperity can‘t pose any kind of security threats to the nation. Therefore the government should reconsider the appeal of such expatriates to end up their long lasting exile of more than two decades allowing them to re-assimilate in the Punjab of today.

Venomous Health Ministry, what’s our mistake doctor?

When we look back at the performance of the Health Ministry under any government, what comes to our mind is an abysmal picture of the health status of our country. Public health centres have been the spectacle since years with either no staff or no equipments, what to say about the lack of the state of the art technologies which symbolizes of a fantasy world for the ones residing in rural areas. When comes the situation of tackling with the health concerns the rural residents have no choice but to fork out vast sums of money for private care.
Hitherto after agrarian issues the second most common cause of debt in rural areas is the medical expenditure. The shoddy care combined with coquetries meted out to those who cannot afford anything better makes them shed even their legacies for rejuvenating their health.One out of every 11 children under five dies in India for want of low-cost, low-technology medical intervention. Maternal mortality that is unacceptably high is due to the same reason. Preventive measures which are viable against spread of communicable diseases are most of the time put to ignorance by the Health Ministry. Feasible access to proper sanitation and preventive healthcare can definitely curb the mortality rate of our country. Rather than emphasizing on major health issues our Health Ministry is constantly applying centrifugal force in carrying crusades against irrelevant issues. One of such issues is that during the birth of a child in a government hospital the parents are handed over a vaccination chart indicating the schedule of vaccinations to be given to the child at various stages of the life. One of such vaccine is against Polio. Though the Polio drops are given in general and booster doses at different stages but still the government is keenly providing these drops every year free of cost that too at the door step irrespective of the proper schedule of the vaccine but such drives are not being carried over for other costlier life saving vaccines which itself is self explanatory that how actively our Health Ministry is eradicating the other deadlier diseases which we human beings are actively prone to.
Similar to our Health Ministry the doctors appointed in the government hospitals are of the same pool. The flourishing nexus of, “gift-for-prescription” is alarmingly posing an economic as well as mental hazard for the patients. The patients who often haunt to government health centres on the assurance of being provided with the utmost treatment at cheapest prices, are driven to get the pathological tests (which can normally be got done from the same government hospitals at affordable prices) from the doctor’s recommended test laboratories and scanning centres on the pretext of non-functional test machines of the government hospital or for an advanced study. Sometimes the patients are prescribed costly medicines which are not at all essential to cure the disease but are just multivitamins and are available with the health centres to be given to the patients at free of cost. The government pays special NPA (Non - Practicing Allowance) to it’s working doctors so that, they remain loyal and sincere towards their duties, but such allowances are not able to quench the thirst of these commission agent doctors from earning more and more. Such kinds of doctors are in myriads and ubiquitous, bringing a shame to our nation’s dignity whose pedagogy of medical science in legacy is accepted world wide. The moot question remains: is our Health Ministry close to meeting our heightened expectations or are we being driven towards fool’s paradise?Healthcare should be seen as a crucial investment in human resources without which we cannot sustain the pace of national growth. Once caught red-handed the practicing license of these commission agent doctors should be cancelled for lifetime and should be asked to meet the entire expenditure of the treatment of the patients whom they have driven to economic and mental loss.

Food Crisis in India, Reality or fake?

Since years we humans are pondering over the issue of inducing “Green Revolution” to curb the widely spread famine across our country due to the scarcity of food production either because of the hits by droughts and floods or destruction of the entire crop due to pestilences. Some times the entire produce is annihilated by the rodents. But these days the rodents are not pestering the farmers that much as are the pseudo government employees and the parasite black marketeers who are just not allowing the produce of the farmers to reach the needy ones. The recently conducted raids in the godowns of Delhi by the Food & Civil Supplies Department of Delhi government has brought an eye opening stark fact in front of us. Heaps of the produce are getting decayed in the godowns across our country but news is being splashed that India is passing through intense famines. As per the norms, a licensed trader can store up to 1,000 quintals of wheat and 2,000 quintals of pulses at any given point of time. Non-compliance with stock norms creates artificial shortage of food grains, leading to steep hike in prices. Bad harvest timing, inefficient machinery, lack of storage facilities, contamination, inordinate exposure to heat, cold, and lack of moisture are the major reasons experts cite for the losses which can be prevented to some extent but what can’t be curbed completely is the role of these black marketeers until our government shakes it’s leg. Earlier it was the farmer who reaped the benefits of the green revolution. It was an open, transparent, collaborative effort. The farmers were able to sell their produce at special markets set up by the government but now retail giants such as Wal Mart and Reliance are able to sell food for much lower prices and hence have become a great threat to the farmer's livelihoods. The government should take extreme measures to put curbs on the morass of black marketing in the food products and should ensure that the monster firms like Reliance and Wal Mart are not able to engulf the benefits of the naïve farmers. On the other hand the general public should also take measures to control the population bomb from being exploded which will further fuel the famine in our country. The farmers should relinquish their greed of reaping the maximum benefits as they can, for which they are producing surplus resulting into gluts, they should understand it very well that a bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.

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