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Punjabi First (Making of Punjabi as a mandatory subject upto matriculation)

The once call decision by the Punjab State Assembly towards making Punjabi as a mandatory subject in all schools till matriculation irrespective of the educational board can’t be defined as a pragmatic one. It’s just a coercion of cultural aspects and acceptance of Punjabi as lingua franca. India being an incredibly rich country in various aspects is a linguistically diverse country as well, it does not have a single official language. Instead, the Constitution of India envisages a situation where each state has its own official language(s), in addition to the official languages to be used by the Union government. Indian schools are segmented into two categories i.e. Government recognized and Private business schools. Hitherto two languages have been enjoying the privilege of being the official languages in the schools of our country i.e. Hindi in Government recognized schools and English in the Private ones. Since long English has been casting conjures towards the students and the parental section. No doubt, it’s still the world’s lofty job-fetching language. If asked about the ratio of how many progenies of our MPs and Ministers have studied or are presently studying in the Government schools (the schools where Hindi/Punjabi is the medium of teaching), the answer would be negligible. Every Minister and MP is just interested to send their progenies abroad for getting high quality of education. Why at all this coercion is being done with the hapless Indians? They won’t have any option except to accept the decision of the Government and see their progenies strive for fetching stratospheric salaried jobs without sound knowledge of English. What if every State Government takes such decisions? Why not to make all the 16 Indian Languages mandatory in the schools up to matriculation and make our progenies jack of all trades and master of none?
The UK Government has made the sound knowledge of English as mandatory for the Indians for being the beneficiaries of jobs in their country but has Indian Government made any such amendments in it’s laws for the foreigners to have sound knowledge of Punjabi or any other Indian language to settle here in India?


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