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Betting in Cricket

The recently announced suggestion by Sh. I.S. Bindra, the senior functionary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to allow legitimate betting in Cricket in India can simply be termed as captivating by the betters. It’s very much true that it’s going to fetch huge revenues for the government but then the fate of the players and their game will not be decided on the pitch but will somewhat be similar to the fate of the rolling ball in the game ‘Roulette‘. Instead of eradicating the social evils Sh. Bindra is more concerned with the concrete steps for legalizing them. Sh. Bindra should start evaluating the governing rules for the legalized betting. Apart from BCCI now is the time to establish BCCBI (Board of Control for Cricket Betting in India) which would intervene in converting illegal betting to legal ones or coach the betters who are in the stage of infancy of proficient betting skills.
Since ages betting has been a game for rich people, but making this legal will stimulate too the ones whose hard earned money is the only source of earning for their dependents.

Betting is an opportunity where the risk is positive and return is negative. If at all betting is to be made legitimate then a regulatory body should be formed which not only just fetches the revenue from such betting but also monitors the cheats in this legalized game, should stringently look after that no match-mixing is being done so that there is fairness in the betting. A complaint by a better about a fraud in betting should be viewed exactly like any other violation of contract, generating investigation and enforcement.


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