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Brutality towards humans (It happens only in India)

I happen to come across a news published in the Amar Ujala (one of the leading Hindi newspaper of our country) on 29th March, 2008 depicting an abysmal picture of brutality towards a human being (unfortunately an insane woman). An alarming increase in such dreadful acts is jeopardizing the safety of the citizens especially the feeble women section and hence is tarnishing the dignity of our country as well. Is media proving to be a proxy of the hapless common man to the government or is busy in collecting news just for the sake of its sales promotion? The MPs are demanding for a stringent action against the policemen who failed to stop this heinous crime from being committed, but what about the lens man (press photographer) who captured this incident but didn't even try to shield this hapless woman? Shouldn't he who has no remorse for what he did be held equally responsible for this incident? Isn't it a brutal murder of the hopes of the common man who just thinks that media can some how redress their worsening condition?

Committed to Pay (The Sixth Pay Commission Report)

Since decades there has been altercations between the Private and the Government sector employees on the issues related to the pay comparisons. The recent agitations shown by the Government employees over the inequality of Pay and Allowances as compared with the Private Sectors after the announcement of the Sixth Pay Commission Report reminiscent the era when the same agitations was seen from the Private Sector employees whose salaries were quite meagre as compared with those of the Govt. employees.There are two major tangible factors which outbreaks such agitations, one is that most of the Government Departments are lacking work and productivity so the employees remain idle most of the time and hence can’t demand drastic hikes in their salary for the no work done by them. The second one being the lack of regular inter-departmental competitiveness where an employee gets a chance to prove his/her skill based performance and hence deserves the right to excel by getting the promotion. Lack of inter departmental competitiveness in the Government Sector for those who are willing to excel makes an employee’s skills obsolete and the then skilled employees are therefore not able to strive in the current Private Sector competitions. Hence such employees after putting up 15-20 years service don’t have any other option left with them except to continue with their present job and show their rage over their failure to get more.The productivity-linked incentive/promotion, if introduced, will further aggravate the matters and the sycophants will flourish. Seniors will grade the performance of the junior ones, but who will grade the seniors who according to the junior employees extract most of the work from their juniors which is in fact assigned to the seniors? In such situations grading of the seniors performance by lower level should also be introduced to mark proper justification.The assent towards the flexible working hours for the working women in Government Sector will fuel the agitations. On one side in the men dominated world the Government is pressing hard for giving the gender based equality in every respect to the women section then why such favouritism (still treating women as weaker), aren’t the working men in possession of getting such favours?The resultant factor of all these will be a breach in laws and an intensification of rampant corruption making the high salaried class heave a sigh of relief leaving behind the low salaried class puff for the money.

Wake up time for Indian Players and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

It would be wrong to say that our country doesn’t have sports culture flourishing within or our players don’t have the flair of winning the game. We can’t ignore the worldly accepted fact of the contribution of India/Indians towards the origination of the skilled brain-drain game “Chess” and the current world chess champion Mr. Vishwanathan Anand who is fortunately an Indian too. The remarkable success of Indian shooters at international events has spawned a new breed of non-cricketing sports icons. From Jaspal Rana, Abhinav Brinda to Anjali Bhagwat, this bunch of expert Indian shooters has the whole country drooling over them at present. The rich haul of medals at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games is another shot in the arm to shooting sport in India. Indian shooters blazed the shooting ranges to come home with a tally of 27 medals (16 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze).If our players are not feeble and everything is perfect with them, then what are the major flaws which are forbidding their best capabilities? Obviously it’s not a conundrum without a solution. Here it would not be wrong to say that though our youngsters do have the interest in sports but most of the parents are trying to inculcate the ideological concept of “Padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge koodoge to banoge kharab” to their progenies. We often come across with various stars that are from the clans of Hollywood celebrities trying to build up their career in Hollywood but will never be able to find such from the clans of sport players. With the establishment of Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS) in Patiala (Pb.) which is also Asia's largest Sports Institute the government has proved to provide adequate coaching to the upcoming players. But are such institutes adequately equipped with the essential resources or are they bereft of it?The Indian shooters are having abysmal remarks for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for not being able to provide them with the special practicing cartridges; instead they have to practice with the common cartridges. Whereas the government along with the spectators concedes the defeat in an event because of the players who just start basking on their victory and instead of practicing more for the upcoming events they just get busy in broodings.So ending up here the entire episode, I would like to appeal everyone along with the government bodies to encourage the youngsters in your clan or network neighbourhood who are keenly inclined towards sports so that the sports activities are well promoted in our country. And yes along with it the government should tighten up the noose around the guilty sportsmen who are involved in match fixing which gives a bad name to the game and its players. Just remember that a “bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush”.

Broken Indian Hockey Stick

The failure of the Indian Hockey Team in qualifying for the Olympics is really a lament issue and needs to be pondered on seriously. Hockey the national game of India has somehow now been overcome by Cricket and hence is loosing it’s dignity just because of the paucity of game lover’s interest in it. Failure is the other facet of the game which needs to be accepted in sportsmanship. When an individual fails, he is blamed for it for the reasons best known to him, but when an entire team fails then a single person should not be held responsible i.e. Mr. Gill the Chairman of the Indian Hockey Federation in this case. Instead the reasons for the abysmal failure should be traced to the grass root level. One of such reasons is the inappropriate pay and perks offered to the Hockey Players and paucity of proper infrastructure by the IHF which is itself bereft from the essential resources. Whereas in comparison their Cricket counterparts are offered stratospheric offers as an encouragement pack by the BCCI which is one of the most powerful economic body of the world. Most of our schools/colleges are lacking of playgrounds for their students or are having playgrounds which are less than 1 Km in area and hence deprives the students to discover the sporting talent within himself/herself. To help Hockey to regain it’s lost dignity the Government and other related bodies should unleash the terror of the must-must win compulsion, allowing the players to play with their full fledged skills in teamwork.

Road Tolls.......For whom???????

We are currently witnessing rapid developments in the road networks which has always been a vital part of our life. From daily commuters to heavy transporters, everyone intends to have plushy roads which can save ones precious time and money instead of the bumpy and shabby ones which some times proves to be pernicious even to the vehicle and human life. The government is on the plank of massive road development programmes through private sector, which will recoup its investment through tolls. According to the notifications issued by the government, toll rates are fixed on the basis of the percentage of savings that a vehicle will make after the roads are widened or improved. But if studied deeply the overall savings are null because of the consumed time and burning of the fuel at the long queues during the payment of the tolls at the toll gates. What if someone doesn’t wants to pay the stiff tolls and instead ply using the normal roads which is his fundamental right to move freely after the payment of road tax on registration of his vehicle, is there any alternative route provided for such people or is it mandatory to use the toll roads making it a real business? The government definitely has to either review it’s policies in respect of road sector taxation or has to explicate the reason for lagging behind in infrastructure despite collecting appropriate taxes from the public, why every time the common man is raised as the whipping boy for the faults of the government? Perhaps it’s the public who is paying the tolls and not the Transport Minister.

Waivers wave

The Rs.60,000-crore largesse to the peasants announced by the Centre is just a gimmickry act for securing their vote banks. Such act has no doubt brought a smile on the faces of the debt ridden peasants but would not be able to keep that smile perpetual. India, with adequate rainfall, favorable climate, enormous biological diversities, and excellent agricultural practices, has no reason to face agrarian crisis and, given nature’s bounty, its farmers have no reason to commit suicide. The Government can’t escape from it’s onus just by waiving off the loans once. What if the peasants are unable to reap the benefits from the loans given again or in the situation of gluts? The root cause of the failures should be excavated. Where the production is scanty the Government should provide proper water supply for irrigation, hybrid seeds and proper guidelines for the protection of the crops from destructive viruses etc. to achieve high yielding potentials. And where the production is enormous the peasants should be provided with proper help lines from trained technical teams and facilities of storage for releasing their heaped produce in the market to get the best revenue hence avoiding the situation of gluts. Such steps of the Government would definitely make the farmer more independent rather than being dependable on banks hence alleviating the despair of the farmers.

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