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Punjab Budget 2008-09

As the new financial year is just to begin everyone tries to decipher their dreams from the upcoming budget. Every time the budget is announced the noose gets tightened for some and loosened for others as per the relish. It's quite hard to predict that whether the upcoming budget will gratify the common man by casting sign of improvement in his vulnerable financial status, or will it go off the track and prove futile by tantalizing everyone. The recent hefty hikes in the prices of most of the vital commodities including the petrol, LPG and electricity tariffs making them dearer has shattered the dreams of the common man. All this indicates that the upcoming budget is just going to be a gift wrapped in a nutshell.
The budget by now would have been firmly finalized and the basic fabric been laid out, so there is hardly any possibility for the Government to tailor it as per the voice of the common man. But still the Government should keep in view that Punjab has recently been in the highlights because of mass suicides by the farmers and having the maximum number of dropouts from schools. Though the salaried group can somehow cope up with the shortfalls in the budget but what about those who are surviving in the BPL categories and the debt ridden farmers? The budget should mainly emphasize on strengthening these backbones of the nation. The Atta-Dal Scheme announced by the Congress Government and acted upon by the SAD Government has not been able to bring big smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries as the served product has not been able to clear the benchmarks of quality.Budget should be announced keeping in view the requirements of every sector bringing a state of equilibrium; the onus hence lies on the Finance Minister.


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