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Breach in the Traffic Rules

The recently announced sharp hike in traffic penalties by the Chandigarh Administration did not show any sign of protest because such announcements are made for the law offenders and not for the law observers and is over all in public interest. But how come the Administration is so assertive towards its steps to bring any drastic change is still a riddle wrapped in an enigma, as it’s seen that the Administration’s own traffic cops are first ones to breach the laws and the rest of the public follows the suit. The traffic cops themselves feel more honored in the breach than in the observance. The vicious cops are often seen on the road sides asking their shares from the offenders for escaping them from the heavy penalties imposed on them. Though the percentage of such mules is negligible in the Chandigarh Administration as compared to its vicinity states but somehow it still hampers and tarnishes the Administrations steps for road safety. The penalties imposed are higher as compared to the share to be given to the cops for the escape so who will worry for the offence. The traffic cops have to exonerate themselves from impeaches of corruption and get hold on the offenders stringently then only the citizens would get proper safety on roads


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