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Rioting by jail inmates

The rioting by the inmates of the high-security Jalandhar Central Jail is not the first riot of it’s kind. Such riots have occurred earlier and is just in it‘s infancy stage, if not taken seriously it may lead an adverse situation. It’s not as easy task to pacify the present ire of the jail inmates. Lack of proper administration and even the lack in basic amenities are always a glimpse of the jail environment. On one side the jail inmates are being treated as flock of delinquents and the authorities don’t loose an opportunity to take vengeance from these delinquents, on the other side some of the influential delinquents are being provided not only basic amenities but even the privileges of luxuries like mobiles for their convenience and the jail authorities don’t have any sign of remorse in doing so. The Govt. as well as jail authorities should know the ropes of disentangling the basic reason of such riots. Entities like Kiran Bedi have always been a sight of sore eyes. She has played the role of catalyst in bringing drastic changes in the jail environment. Jails should act like schools to remove the inculcated theme of crime from the criminals.


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