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Commemorating the War Hero(s)

‘‘Wars are fought for days but the life of the warriors suffer for years,’ this is the present life scenario of our great war hero(s ). The defence forces are contributing their entire life for the safety of the nation and it’s nationals but our Government doesn’t even adhere to support the families of the lost war hero(s) but just thinks its duty is just to commemorate the war hero(s). At NCC the Cadets are inspired to inculcate the theme of sacrificing their life for their motherland but that’s not all to end up with. Youngsters are not interested to enter the Government services (which was once highly in demand). The refusal of approving leave to the fervent defence officers by their seniors at the time of exigencies is another cause of creating lack of interest towards defence services. On contrary private companies like Infosys are providing the best to its employees in every respect along with the elevated ranks for their services and hence is the dream destination of every youngster. We should treat defence officers as humans and not as combatant machines. They deserve the best for what they are.


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