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The fate of the Pakistani pacer Md. Asif put in limbo

The fate of the detained Pakistani pacer Mohammad Asif's has been put in limbo as the Dubai court, before which he appeared, adjourned soon after hearing recommendations of the prosecutors.Asif was going to Lahore from Mumbai on June 1 after playing in the Indian Premium League for the Delhi Daredevils when he was caught red handed with contraband drugs at the Dubai airport on his arrival. He just appeared before the court on Sunday along with his lawyers for bail.
The court has further forwarded the case to the supreme authority Attorney General of Dubai whose decision is believed to be the final one. The Attorney-General is empowered to sign administrative deportation orders, which could prevent the case from being referred to the Dubai courts.The chief prosecutor cross-examined the witnesses who were instrumental in combing out the banned substance from the bowler. The court case will resume tomorrow," Akram said, trusting that finally the justice will churn out in Asif's favour on Monday.
The probability of Asif's bail has not zeroed but this drug scandal may compel the Pakistan Cricket Board to stringently review its anti-doping regulations to include punishment for the use of recreational drugs.
With the immense pressure on PCB and the image of Pakistan cricket taking an abysmal shape, it is being conceived that if Asif is released, then also the board will penalise him to a maximum ban of five Tests or 10 one-day internationals and even a fine under its code of conduct which is befitted for disgracing the game's repute.

News alert for smokers

The recent research study by Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy has made a splash in the life of smokers. The various research studies conducted on smokers and non-smokers has excavated a well established fact that smoking potentially poses great threats towards heart diseases to not only the active smokers but also to the passive smokers, but hitherto the means of testing smokers' nicotine levels are having somewhat ambivalent appearance in general. Researchers seem to have found a much more accurate means of obtaining a smoker's history than the prevailing ones of asking a smoker or testing nicotine breakdown products in saliva or urine. A U.S. study in Nurses' Health suggests that measuring nicotine content in toenail clippings can assist in prediction of women's risk of heart disease.
According to the laureate 'Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy', of the University of California in San Diego the current methods of measuring nicotine content only reflects usage or exposure within recent days. Toenails may offer a more long term estimate of a person's level of exposure to tobacco due to their slow growth. Toenail clippings would also weigh in exposure to passive smoking and smoking habits such as how much smoke a person inhales with each puff. It is conceived from the research work of Dr. Wael that it will prove to be a beckon beyond the compass of bias diagnostic means being currently adopted . But still the moot question is that isn't it best to quit smoking than to falsify the conjectures of the researchers?

Image of Harvard University under cloud

The worldly famous Harvard University is recently in the limelight of an academic and political scandal after three prominent members of its psychiatry department have been impeached of breaking conflict-of-interest rules by camouflaging the millions of dollars procured by them as consulting fees from drugs manufacturers.
The cumulating of the extravagant wealth with these prominent members of Harvard University has proved that the stratospheric salary of these industrious and prominent doctors has failed to satiate them to earn more. An investigation by Senator Charles E Grassley excavated firm evidences against Dr. Joseph Biederman, who is well known around the world for his work in researching antipsychotic medicines for children and two of his colleagues i.e. Dr Timothy E Wilens and Dr Thomas Spencer. All three of them have been impeached with the charges of failing to report to the University about much of their earnings of $1.6 million and $ 1 million respectively that they had earned in consulting payments from drug companies.
In a questionnaire Dr. Biederman safeguarding himself said that he took conflict of interest policies very seriously; he also added that "My interests are solely in the advancement of medical treatment through rigorous and objective study." Dr Wilens and Dr Spencer too said they thought they had complied with the rules.
It is also stated that the relationship between the Harvard academics and the drug companies has been highly controversial because their research has advocated the use of previously unapproved psychiatric medicines in children.
From the ongoing investigations it is anticipated that more names and the unexplained facts will come in light and the same would be revealed to the public.

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