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Brutality towards humans (It happens only in India)

I happen to come across a news published in the Amar Ujala (one of the leading Hindi newspaper of our country) on 29th March, 2008 depicting an abysmal picture of brutality towards a human being (unfortunately an insane woman). An alarming increase in such dreadful acts is jeopardizing the safety of the citizens especially the feeble women section and hence is tarnishing the dignity of our country as well. Is media proving to be a proxy of the hapless common man to the government or is busy in collecting news just for the sake of its sales promotion? The MPs are demanding for a stringent action against the policemen who failed to stop this heinous crime from being committed, but what about the lens man (press photographer) who captured this incident but didn't even try to shield this hapless woman? Shouldn't he who has no remorse for what he did be held equally responsible for this incident? Isn't it a brutal murder of the hopes of the common man who just thinks that media can some how redress their worsening condition?

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