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Gandhi, Youth and Globalization


When Lord Macaulay introduced English education in India, his stated objectives was that when British quits India, the English educated Indians would think and behave like them. Most English educated youth, till date, have the attitude that they are superior to other Indians and every thing which is Indian viz. Indian life style, religion etc. are inferior.
To most English educated youth, Gandhi Ji was a person rooted in the traditions of rural India with a deep urge to uplift the poor. Though they see him as a good soul but are not sure of his relevance in a modern globalizing world. Little do they realize that however hard vested interests may try to suppress Gandhi Ji’s views, he and his ideology will keep on popping up like a jack in the box to guide the destiny of the world.
Concerns are expressed that globalization and consumerism driven capitalism lead to over-consumption of resources and aberrations such as Global Warming. They also foster vulgar wealth alongside abject poverty that can, in turn, lead to violence and anarchy-like conditions.
Based on several thousand years democratic ethos of India, Gandhi Ji laid great emphasis on systems like “Gram Sawaraj” in which village parliaments control village resources and decision-making. He described democracy as a series of co-centric governments serving the village at the Centre and where local communities encourage entrepreneurs to innovate and invest in business to produce goods and services useful to the society and generates wealth to meet the needs of the society and for philanthropy, but not for ostentatious consumption, which is truly Capitalism with a human face.
Gandhi Ji opposed to any technology that de-humanized the people through routine mechanical jobs. He favored technology that empowered the people in their own environment.
We need to nurture the panacea of such political and economic systems and technological environment emphasized by Gandhi Ji in our life which can make world a confederation of peace loving local government . Globalization of such ideology of Gandhi Ji is what is the need of the hour.
To give peace to the soul of Gandhi Ji, the youth of India must launch a non-violent movement demanding reforms for globalization keeping in view of safe guarding the empowerment of each and every Indian in their own environment.
It’s an humble request to one and all that kindly don’t let Gandhi Ji be just an icon on the Indian currency or just remember him on Gandhi Jayanti as a symbol of peace for the believers and as a “half naked fakir” in the opinion of the today’s youth or in the films like “Mahatama”, “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” etc.
Gandhi Ji was the first Gandhian and perhaps the only one of his kind. It’s time to recover him from the canvas, the stone and the slogans, and see him again as a man who could use his smile as a terrific weapon.
Let the voice of the Gandhian youth reverberate all over India to regain it’s lost spirituality and lead to Globalisation of India the way Gandhi Ji wanted.


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